Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

Columbian Mammoth Skulls and bones in fossil bed at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD

The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs is home to the world’s largest Columbian mammoth exhibit. Additionally it is a research center for Pleistocene studies. Currently they boast a total of 61 mammoths (58 Columbian and 3 woolly mammoths). But mammoths aren’t the only thing you will find here. To date over 85 species of animal have been unearthed. In addition to mammoth, camels, wolves, and giant short-faced bears have also been found.

What to Expect

A guided tour is the best way to visit the site. Start your journey with an educational film. Afterward you will explore the edge of the sinkhole and hear more about the discoveries within. Watch the professionals at work as they further reveal the skeletal remains. Finally you will get a peak at the lab where all the research happens. Bring your furry friends along! The Mammoth Site is pet friendly. The site is also wheelchair accessible.

  • Parking enterance to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD

For the Kids

Children 4-12 can become junior paleontologists. This program teaches the proper way to uncover ancient bones. Additionally kids will learn to identify mammoth and short-faced bear remains. Kids 10 and older can take part in the advanced paleontology program. From within a mock bonebed, kids will learn proper excavation techniques. They will also be taught bone identification with replicas made from site discoveries. Mammoth Site also offers several educational opportunities. Including summer classes, internships, and Geology Merit Badge for Scouts.

Join the Dig

Of course kids aren’t the only ones that can experience the dig. As part of the The Mammoth Site Excavation and Preservation Program, adults can excavate in the real bonebed. After multiple days of safety training of course. Participants will spend part of their time digging and the rest assisting with other exciting research. Check out all of the details here.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs1800 US18 bypass Hot Springs, SD 57747 – (605) 745-6017

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