Main Street Sturgis during bike week at night



Sturgis was founded in 1878 and was originally named Scooptown as a nod to how residents “scooped up” their pay from nearby Fort Meade. Later the name was changed to honor Major Samuel D. Sturgis. He was a Civil War Union General as well as a commander at Fort Meade. The fort served to protect the new settlements in the northern Hills during the gold rush. Initially the town served as a goods and services center for the fort. However Sturgis changed drastically with the arrival of the first ever motorcycle rally.

Originally called the Black Hills Classic, the first rally was held on August 14th of 1938. There were a total of 9 racers and a very small crowd attended. The rally grew exponentially in the years that followed with crowds reaching over 750,000 for the 75th anniversary in 2015.

Sturgis Main Street during Rally


The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has become world famous. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the area every year to participate. Close to some of the state’s most popular tourist destinations and set in the beautiful Black Hill. It is no wonder this town has become a “must stop” location for people traveling across South Dakota. While the motorcyle rally brings in the most visitors, Sturgis hosts other legendary annual events as well.


Sturgis Mustang Rally – Labor Day Weekend
A week long Mustang Rally packed with racing, cruises, car show, and fun events. Bring your Mustang to Sturgis for this epic experience. Free Concert Monday Night !! Racing Events include autocross, drag racing, barrel racing, and rodeo. Take a BFGoodrich Driving Class and learn how to increase your skills. Burnouts like you have never seen before. Roll the Dice for a Chance to WIN a NEW MUSTANG! Car Show and Shine on Saturday.
From Fun Runs to Poker Runs enjoy the Scenic Cruises.

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